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The Ultimate Thank You Gift: Chocolate!

What could be better than receiving delectable chocolate as a “thank you” gift in the mail?  Imagine with me, if you will, that you are in your office or home and in comes a package in the mail.  An unassuming box with the return address of the interior designer you recently worked with, or the Islamic center you recently gave a lecture for, or the realtor that helped you find your dream home, whatever the case may be. You open it and inside there is an elegant box with a bow.  It has the name and logo of the sender printed on it. You remove the bow, peek inside, and see delicious chocolate brownies waiting for you to eat!  The accompanying thank you note inside expresses appreciation for recently working with their business or organization. Immediately you smile and think how thoughtful it was of this person to take the time and send you this gift.  Not only that, you think how you would like to do business with this person again.

Now, if you are a business owner and are concerned about growing a loyal customer base, the above scenario demonstrates one way this can be achieved: giving out a promotional food gift as a sign of appreciation.  There certainly are a number of custom food gifts to consider— jellybeans, assorted nuts, or gourmet coffee, for example. Yet I feel that there is something about chocolate that makes it the ultimate “thank you” food gift. High- quality, beautifully package chocolate always exudes elegance.


Take for instance this sophisticatedly packaged box of brownies I had the pleasure of taste-testing recently. Inside is a trio of individually wrapped brownies, moist and delicious. There are 3 flavors as well: Double Chocolate, Chocolate Pecan, and Chocolate Butterscotch Coconut. My personal favorite? Chocolate Butterscotch Coconut. These brownies are not just perfect for businesses to give out to valued customers. Schools can give them to their teachers and staff in recognition of all their hard work. Charities and Masjids can give them to generous financial donors or their most dedicated volunteers.  And, of course, this would make a wonderful Eid gift for any employee. Whomever the recipient, a gift of chocolate is sure to leave a lasting impression.