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Fun and Fundraising With Color Changing Cups

If you work with young children, or have some of your own, you know that sometimes the simplest things can elicit giggles and excitement from them. Take for example the simple concept of a color-changing cup. The Mood Stadium cup changes its color when ice-cold liquids are added to it.  The color it changes to depends on the cups original color. For instance, the clear frosted cup turns into blue, the yellow cup turns to green, the blue to purple. There are 14 color combinations to choose from!  Since only the portion of the cup that is contact with the cold liquid changes color, you can create a half color changed, half original color effect. Or fill the liquid to the top to change the cup in its entirety. Sounds fun, right? Well, I tried out these cups, as well as a color changing water bottle, with my own children and it was! Seeing the cups and water bottle instantly change colors immediately engaged them. They were excited to add more water to them and then watch the colors fade away as the water was poured out. These products certainly grabbed their attention which was exactly what I was hoping for.


Now imagine you are trying to fundraise for your Islamic school. You are looking for something you can buy a large quantity of and at a reasonable price so that you can resell them to students and even staff. These Mood Color Changing products are a fantastic option that meet all three criteria. A school fundraising item that has instant kid-appeal is certainly more likely to sell and help your school reach its fundraising goals. The ability to customize these products with your school’s logo or motto is also an easy way to promote yourself in your local Muslim community. It will open up the opportunity to work with local Islamic Center to sell fun, custom school items and thus draw upon a larger donor base. With the right fundraising items, getting much-need funds to support  your school can be less of hassle for both the school’s administration and parents alike.

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