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How Google Used Promotional Giveaways to Get Results.

In this blog we will be sharing a great example of how a big brand like Google gave out promotional products to get feedback. This year’s Search Marketing Expo East was held at the Javits Convention Center in New York City. Here, Google held their own mini conference called “Learn with Google.” This mini conference was held in a portable glass room (a mobile version of their office), with refreshments, snacks and fresh fruits for the attendees. This whole area stood out as a separate, cool area to hang out. Outside of the glass room were charging stations for you to charge your electronic devices.  Attendees got to relax on large bean bags that were in Google brand colors. This idea was ingenious and provides an invaluable lesson on how to drive traffic to your booth or session. By setting up comfortable seating and a place to charge mobile devices, Google created buzz for their mini conference. This one day conference was to showcase Google AdWords new features and also teach internet marketers different strategies to be successful with Google AdWords.

Google Search Marketing Expo East 2013

SMX East 2013

In each session Google placed a survey with a custom stylus pen as giveaway. If you completed the survey, they gave you another free promotional gift as you submitted it at the end of the session.  Google gave out variety of items imprinted with their logo, such as  tote bags and mini speakers that can be used with all your electronic devices. This truly worked for Google. It gave them the chance to distribute all of their branded items plus they got more attendees to complete their survey by offering a second promotional gift. It was clear that their selection of giveaways were  well thought out and contributed to the great buzz and excitement that surrounded their presence at this expo. Google will get continuous, free advertising of their brand each time their promotional stylus pen, custom tote bag, and promotional speakers are used. This shows another excellent example of the power of promotional products when they are used correctly.

googlespeaker googlestylus