Don’t Let this Happen to You! Choosing the Wrong Marketing Product Can Lead to the Wrong Impression of Your Business

Take a good look at the picture below. Yes, that’s a blue rubber band attached to the left corner of the envelope—something I have never seen before. The rubber band was used to hang around the door knob of my front door. Inside, there were two cards advertising the services of 2 local dentists. Now, I am sure these 2 dentists are quite competent. But having someone use a hole- puncher to punch holes into envelopes, secure rubber bands through it, and then having them sent out to hang on people’s door knobs was not a wise idea. It caught my eye alright, but the presentation was not attractive. Furthermore, it left me thinking that these 2 doctors must be clueless when it comes to marketing themselves. If you are business owner, short on time and wanting a quick and simple way to advertise your services, you may be tempted to do something similar. However, there are better (and just as inexpensive) ways to market your business.

Wrong Marketing Product

Wrong Marketing Product

The same simple marketing campaign used by the two dentists could have been executed using a promotional door hanger. Door hangers are designed to be hung from door knobs –unlike envelopes—so automatically your business will be marketing itself in a professional manner. The generous size of door hangers also gives you ample room to convey your message. A detachable business card magnet or calendar magnet could also be included with the door hanger. Now, not only will potential patients see the dentists’ information hanging from their door knob, but they have added incentive to keep the information on hand by using the magnet. Next time they are in need of a dental appointment, they only need to look at their refrigerator door.

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