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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Magnets

My refrigerator door is not unlike millions of other ones found in kitchens across the country: it has numerous magnets haphazardly stuck to it. At times they are holding up important reminders, such as upcoming events, or a note I’ve written for a family member, but usually they hold up my kids’ latest drawings.  These promotional magnets have come by way of a local medical center, the library, and a reading web site for kids. There are also a few non-promotional ones my kids made as craft projects. It just dawned on me recently how handy I find these magnets to be. And as crazy as it sounds, I believe I should have more. After all, there a number of businesses that I frequently patronize and they are not represented in my collection of magnets.  For instance, it certainly would be convenient if the local halal eateries we sometimes order take out from gave out promotional magnets. It would save us the trouble of having to dig out a copy of their menu to look for their phone number! I’ve ordered books from an online bookstore several times and don’t a magnet from them. If I had one I might remember to use this bookseller more often instead of only when my kids need books for school.  You see, the best thing about promotional magnets is that they make a practical giveaway for just about any business. Professionals, like doctors, and organizations, like masjids or charities, will also find that using custom magnets are an easy way to promote themselves.  I would welcome a magnet handed out by my local Islamic center. Sure, they have information available online, but isn’t it also convenient to promote some of your programs this way as well? These days, so many Islamic centers have a social media presence. A magnet touting this could be a way to get more young people to keep up-to-date on all the masjid’s activities.

Custom Magnets

Business card magnets, custom- shaped magnets, super strong power magnets—they all provide advertising at a low-price point and in a highly effective manner. Think about how many times a day we open our refrigerator door or use a file cabinet at work. When entertaining friends and family at home, a well-designed promotional magnet (a unique shape, bold print or colors) will casually catch the eyes of others. Bringing attention to your brand to grow your business, isn’t this what advertising is all about? What simpler way than with the handy, under-rated magnet.